Nurse practicioner

I want to be a nurse practicioner.  I will have job responsibilities.I need  skills and education.  The job outlook is good.

If Im going to have job responsibilities I will need to Take care of patients. I will need to describe propriete medication for my patients.I will also have to give patients treatments.

To be a nurse I will have to have skills and education like get my masters degree. Then if someone is hurt with a bone I can give them an xray. Then if some really needs help I can help them with everything I know about health conditions.

Things that I outlook in this job are getting paid 107,000 dollars a year. Then also what I outlook is growing 26 percent in that job.Then finally what I outlook is performing many services in being a nurse practicionar.

I will be a nurse practicionar.I will take care of patients,get a masters degree,get payed 107,000 dollars a year.  Im going to love my job.Image result for nurse practitioner


This essay will compare and contrast Tessie and Katniss. Tessie and Katniss are the same way because they live in a dystopia. Tessie is ok with the hunger games unlease they choose her but Katniss hates the hunger games.They last way Tessie and Katniss are diffrent are that Tessie dosent care about her family but Katniss does because she sacrificed herself for her sister.

The first part of my essay is that the events are in Dystopias. In both stories there is a lottery. Then in the lottery if you get chosen you have to die.Then in the hunger games if you get chosen  you have to fight to live .The next part is that Katniss hated the lottery katniss  said Iḿ felling nauseous and so desperetly hoping that itś not me.That shows that Katniss hates the hunger games.Tessie feels good about the lottery instead it is not her.

They are also diffrent in how they care about there family.When katniss family was picked she sacrificed herself for her family Katniss said I volunteer so her sister won die.However when Tessieś family was picked she told Mr. Summers to not take her to take her daughter.

Tessie and Katniss have some similarities and some diffrences. One way was that Tessie didn care about her family and Katniss did she sacrificied herself for her family.Thats what I think about these two characters.

The war that ended the world.

The way the world will end is by war.The war will start  when they elect a king that wants to rule our lands.Then the kings army comes to get our land  and that’s when we start the war.Then the king sends an army to every place for the land.Then when the army gets to the place all the people will get reunited and then the king tries to kill everybody but we start to fight against his army. Then when we fight the army we destroy everything and when we die the world will be destroyed and that’s how the world will end.

Ways I would change

This year I would like to change three things about me.First I would like to be a photographer. Second I would like to be good and not get introuble. Then I would like to be hardworking and try to help everyone.


These are the three things I would like to change.


I am thankful for having the best parents.

They are the best people in my whole family.

I see them hardworking every time.

I love when they encourage me to do stuff.

I am thankful for having the best parent’s

I feel thankful that I have  a playstation.

I wonder if I will still play with it when Im older

I try to keep it safe so I don’t have to buy a new one

I can play fortnite in it with my friends I am thankful for my playstation

I know it’s good for you to eat

I understand that it makes you warm

Im fortunate because It keeps me

I dream of having it often in cold days

I am thankful for caldo



Based on the words and actions of Old man Warner in Shirley Jackson’s story The lottery I think he is supportive of the lottery. Some places have already quit the lotteries Mrs. Adams said.Nothing but trouble in that .pack of young fools.This shows that that Old Man Warner feels against Mrs. Adams because she thinks that they should stop the lottery.I conclude that Mr.Warner feels supportive about the lottery.


I wish for world peace. I think we should communicate with each other’s. I think we could all become friend’s. I think so nobody would get hated on.The world won’t have any harm for nobody.

I think we should have no weapons. I think that because lot’s of people die because of weapons.I think  that because we also go to jail because of the guns.I also think that because if we have weapons we could become killers.

I think we should also have more food. I think we should have more food so we don’t starve of hunger. I think that  so we don’t die. I think that again because we could feed the poor or people who have no food.


I went on a nature walk.We all saw a dam that blocked the water from the creek.I saw lot’s of tree’s so they can give us air.I also saw a frog going into the creek.

I saw a big dam. The dam blocked the creek.The dam also was very long. The dam had lots of sticks.

I also saw lots of trees I like the trees because they give us air. The trees were very big. When you felt the trees they felt bumpy.

I saw a creek.The creek had lot’s of tadpoles inside the water.The creek was very wide and big.The water of the creek was very cold when i felt it.