This essay will compare and contrast Tessie and Katniss. Tessie and Katniss are the same way because they live in a dystopia. Tessie is ok with the hunger games unlease they choose her but Katniss hates the hunger games.They last way Tessie and Katniss are diffrent are that Tessie dosent care about her family but Katniss does because she sacrificed herself for her sister.

The first part of my essay is that the events are in Dystopias. In both stories there is a lottery. Then in the lottery if you get chosen you have to die.Then in the hunger games if you get chosen  you have to fight to live .The next part is that Katniss hated the lottery katniss  said Iḿ felling nauseous and so desperetly hoping that itś not me.That shows that Katniss hates the hunger games.Tessie feels good about the lottery instead it is not her.

They are also diffrent in how they care about there family.When katniss family was picked she sacrificed herself for her family Katniss said I volunteer so her sister won die.However when Tessieś family was picked she told Mr. Summers to not take her to take her daughter.

Tessie and Katniss have some similarities and some diffrences. One way was that Tessie didn care about her family and Katniss did she sacrificied herself for her family.Thats what I think about these two characters.

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