Nurse practicioner

I want to be a nurse practicioner.  I will have job responsibilities.I need  skills and education.  The job outlook is good.

If Im going to have job responsibilities I will need to Take care of patients. I will need to describe propriete medication for my patients.I will also have to give patients treatments.

To be a nurse I will have to have skills and education like get my masters degree. Then if someone is hurt with a bone I can give them an xray. Then if some really needs help I can help them with everything I know about health conditions.

Things that I outlook in this job are getting paid 107,000 dollars a year. Then also what I outlook is growing 26 percent in that job.Then finally what I outlook is performing many services in being a nurse practicionar.

I will be a nurse practicionar.I will take care of patients,get a masters degree,get payed 107,000 dollars a year.  Im going to love my job.Image result for nurse practitioner

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